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BIUPC Champion and Close-Up Category Winner by Trevor Rees BIUPC Winners 2017
(Contains 12 photos)
Congratulations to:
BIUPC 2017 Champion Trevor Rees
BIUPC 2017 Best Newcomer Brian Kelly
Wide-angle winner Kirsty Andrews
Close-up winner Trevor Rees
Restricted winner Vicky Paynter

Full awards list with judges' comments: Biupc 2017 Winners
BIUPC Champion & Close-Up winner BIUPC Winners 2016
(Contains 13 photos)
Congratulations to:
BIUPC 2016 Champion Cathy Lewis
BIUPC 2016 Best Newcomer Matt Brown
Wide-angle winner Nick Pfeiffer
Close-up winner Cathy Lewis
Compact winner Jason Melton

Full awards list with judges' comments: Biupc 2016 Winners List
BIUPC Champion and wide-angle winner BIUPC Winners 2015
(Contains 12 photos)
BIUPC 2015 Champion Charles Erb
BIUPC 2015 Best Newcomer Marco Salino